Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not Currently in Drama

I should be in Drama right now. As it is, I am still not feeling great.
Facebook is not working, nor, it appears, is my antihistamine. I will be in for History tomorrow, my only lesson. If anyone reading this sees my arms in school at any point, please recoil in sympathetic disgust as opposed to mean, 'run-from-the-leper' disgust.
The Doctor yesterday took one look at my arms and said 'My God, that's a great rash.' He then went out into the waiting room, saw my Mum and said 'Your daughter has a great rash.' It's everywhere from the neck down, so the only part anyone is likely to see tomorrow is my hands, which are not that bad. Oh, and then they gave me a blood test and I nearly fainted. Like Lucy Westenra.
Which reminds me, I should be writing my English essay. Also, Jane, in case I don't catch you on MSN later, if you want the next Buffy DVD meet me tomorrow at the beginning of break (I know both our school days end then) at the school gate, ideally the one opposite reception, and we can do a swap.
God, I'm bored. And somewhat itchy and very unattractive.


Fran said...

Its annoying I dont go to school with you, I really want to see this great rash!

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