Saturday, 31 October 2009


Halloween Gathering #1:
At Zanny's. Dressed as Drusilla, alongside Buffy and Spike. We had a great time tying each other up, which sounds like geeky bondage porn, but was actually a game to try and eat party rings and marshmallows from a piece of string. Who am I kidding, it was geeky bondage porn.
Also I could not breathe in the corset I was wearing, and I hid from sparklers. Walking back in the dark under a closed bridge at 11.00 in the rain was an interesting experience; in high heels, with a giant stake that was actually a cricket wicket. I am very glad we were not raped, not just because of the obvious disadvantages of rape, but because the headlines in the morning would have been embarassing due to the costumes, and the fact that I was singing 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.'

Halloween Gathering #2
This one, I have to say, was even weirder, mainly as I was not with my normal group of loyal companions. My main reason for going was that I could go as Bellatrix and draw a dark mark on my arm in eyeliner, which was fun. Now, some people at the party had a disturbing pagan ritual, because one girl there wanted to initiate another girl into her 'wolf cult' (I have literally no idea.) This involved speaking either real or pretend Welsh, I wasn't sure, and praying to the four elements, then howling at the moon. There was going to be a blood brothers type blood ritual thing, but then thankfully the girl being initiated got too squeamish. I have to say, I was a little bit skeptical about the whole pagan wolf cult pack thing.

Next year, I'll need to think of more evil fictional women to go as.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


I am ill with the plague that's going round at the moment.
My temperature is 39 degrees, I am currently lying in bed with a cold flannel on my head, I've mostly drank lemon barley water all day and I am generally not feeling too great. As well as being pissed off that I couldn't go to town today or Zoe from CoT's birthday party tomorrow, I overheard my parents worrying that I have swine flu (I reckon we probably all do) and worried that I might pass it to Jack, who has underlying medical conditions. Therefore I am as far away from his room as physically possible without leaving the house, even if it isn't la grippe porcine.
The one amazing thing that's happened today is that I was trying to watch a DVD this morning, but the player that's been playing up for ages would not work no matter how many times we hit it. Then I fell asleep on the sofa, and when I woke up there was a new DVD player, because the gadget fairy had gone out and bought one.
I am ridiculously boiling.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

School Fail

According to my form tutor UCAS reference, I play a wide variety of extra-curricular sport, particularly basketball, football and tennis. I also achieved bronze level at the Duke of Edinburgh awards.
I am outraged that the secret of my amazing sporting prowess is out in the open. Now I might as well tell everyone how I play piano to a professional level, in between singing in the West End and playing Dr. Kelso on Scrubs. All this while suffering a huge amount of prejudice for being a tall, black man with obscenely blond hair.
Yes, that's right, my entire life has been an elaborate lie. The things you learn about yourself from reading your UCAS reference. It may not have been her fault, but I have no idea how I'm going to sit through a meeting about my drama progress tomorrow without throwing things at my form tutor and crying. Or at least, you know, mentioning it.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh No No No No

Points from my weekend in Wales:

1. My Granny makes lovely roast dinners, but three in a weekend was just too much.
2. Twenty-four hour antihistamine is wonderful.
3. We didn't even bother to visit a university in the end; we were too lazy.
4. A little confession now, honestly the part I enjoy most about going there (apart from when it's sunny and we swim in the sea) is the 5 and a half hour car journey. I love listening to music and daydreaming.

Everyone is ill at the moment; hopefully having been varying degrees of ill for a month I am now immune. Although, logically that makes no sense, I should be more vulnerable.
Also I enjoyed not going to the Sixth Form Social, and now have an unprecedented number of bat-shaped chocolate chip biscuits to eat.
The title of this blog, by the way, relates to the Musical Extravaganza that was Drama. Actually, I didn't fully appreciate when told I had to sing that it was drunken singing, so actually it was ok and not scary. Apart from the Tension Cakes of the lesson.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Can't sleep, probably because of the school trip to see The Woman in Black.
Very, very scary. If my cupboard door glows red in the night I will be severely freaked out. Also 'Anthony Head! Positions!"
I have to say, as if we really needed another virtually meaningless Anthony Head related in-joke to go with 'MMBUFFY.' Thinking about it, 'MMBUFFY' came about last October, so it must be an annual thing. The Virtually Meaningless Anthony Head Related In-Joke 2009. God I'm exhuasted.
Off to the land of Wales tomorrow. Where roast dinners are eaten, allergies are had, and there is nothing to do but read. This is actually good as I have a lot of reading to do. I actually love my Granny's roast dinners, it's just three in one weekend with no variation in the vegetables or potatoes gets a little difficult. Also I don't really know if this will be a 'Hey let's go to the beach' trip seeing as we are checking out Aberystwyth University, which I am fairly certain is probably not one of my five.
I am going to have creepy nightmares tonight, of Women in Black doing the Anthony Head position, most likely. Sleeeeepy.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Cruel World

I have to go to French tuition between 4.30 and 6.30 to help me retake the paper I failed. Now, don't get me wrong, the French lady is nice and everything, and it's useful, but I never, ever want to go and sit there for two hours realising just how much French I've forgotten since June.
As if that wasn't enough, my generally kindly but often scatterbrained form tutor has roped me into helping out with open evening, which is very pointless as I will be arriving late anyway. So French for two hours, followed by open evening from 6.45 til about nine. For all she knows I could still be ill, and suffering from glandular fever exhaustion. And I will have to eat dinner at about 9.15. Oh extreme laziness.
On the plus side, I am off to watch Gilmore Girls, which is such a ridiculously gentle and cheerful programme that it can't help but make me feel a bit more positive about my afternoon.

Because I do not feel like doing two actual blog posts in one day, instead I am just tacking another little one on the end of this one. Shocking, I know. Anyway, forgot to mention my aforementioned form tutor's delightful game she played with me this morning. So I walk into Drama, and she says:
"I read your personal statement. It was terrible; you're never going to go to university."
Naturally I stood there a little stunned and concerned.
Then she goes: "Only joking!" Cheers for that, Miss. Open day was actually pretty fun, but French was arduous. I don't feel like sleeping, so instead I am attempting to write my history essay, so I don't have to write it tomorrow and can waste time instead.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Today etc.

Today I queued up for the whole of break and a lot of English waiting to have a cervical cancer jab, getting overheated and nervous because I thought I was going to have a jab, and because it was a crowded queue. Then I went in and was told that, as I suspected, glandular fever equals no jab for me right now. So it's delayed until the 6th November, when I'll be having my first jab along with a bunch of year tens having their second jab and thinking: "What's that sixth former doing here?"
In other news, Laura bought a Spike coat. I don't know why I would blog about that when it was on her blog, but it was awesome. Also, my Drama piece was a slight fail, because our concept was 'hey, lets have smiley faces and sad faces,' and 'let's have Anne beat up Ben.' Oh well.
Also I will have 'Runway Three' and Zanny's 'Horror Horror Horror Macbeth has killed Duncan' in my head for ever. What's with all the song writing recently? Speaking of English lesson fun (Zanny's song, not Runway Three) our English lessons have gotten a little weird lately. what with Maddy comparing Lucy Westenra's blood transfusions to gang rape, and Miss Catton inadvertently suggesting we all watch True Blood, by telling us it's far too gory and sexual for her to recommend it to us, but that she really likes it.
Also, funniest thing I heard today was that a year 12 fainted on Robyn during the cervical cancer injection party.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh, That Explains A Lot

Chances are, I never had a chest infection or penicillin allergy. I definitely never had a chest infection. It was all a tangled web of deceit, misdiagnosis and lies.
So, I got home today to find a message on the answerphone, telling me they had the results of my blood test of last Monday, and that I had glandular fever.
The cold I had at the beginning of term, which became a fortnight long cough, was glandular fever. The doctor misdiagnosed it, as often happens with glandular fever, as a chest infection, and prescribed me Amoxillin Penicillin (pay attention, kids, this is a science lesson.)
It turns out, in 99% of cases, Amoxillin incorrectly prescribed to someone with glandular fever will react with the fever and create a massive, red, all-body rash. Which explains why the doctors were like; 'Oh, must check for glandular fever' when I went in with my 'penicillin allergy.'
So basically, I am probably not actually allergic to Penicillin, it just didn't like my glandular fever very much. That said, my Uncle is allergic to it, and I still COULD be, just the glandular fever thing makes a lot more sense.
Now I am starting to worry that I may be a bit responsible for the September Plague which swept school. Also I've been LIVING A LIE.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Super Well

I deleted my previous blog post about half an hour after writing it, because it was ranting about an issue which was then resolved. Felt kind of mean because I was complaining about my parents, and then they started being very helpful. Because I am incapable of being angry at them for prolonged periods of time, I won't do 'parental rant' posts in future, as I'll just look back and feel guilty.
Apart from the faint remnants of a rash, I am now well again. Weirdly well in fact; I've been feeling oddly perky all day. 'Super Well.' I've been walking around feeling really positive about small things, like chewy vimto sweets, and DVDs, and shoes. However, while I was at school today my grandmother asked my Mum if she could secretly read my personal statement while I was at school. Thankfully, my Mum's instant response was 'absolutely no way, it's Anne's.' It is very hard to maintain the peace with grandparents in the house, but they are gone back to Scotland now.
Oh balls, it's quarter past midnight and I have not even looked at my Twelfth Night lines. I'm guessing 'I was ill' is not going to cut it with Rolo. I can't even show her my arms and look tired any more, I'll just look 'Super Well.'

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Yesterday the Grandparents from Edinburgh showed up. I say from Edinburgh, but they're completely not, they just live there. Also today my Uncle returned (I have no idea where from, he dropped by last week as well, but lives in the Lake District. Who knows where he was in the meantime.) And some distant relatives from Canada, all in the house, all having a very pretentious family meal.
It was the first non-comfort food meal I've had in a while and was really nice, but I ate too much brie. Even the conversation was pretentious. There was a very long, reasonably dull discussion about which was better: Pacific or Atlantic Salmon (Atlantic, in case you were wondering.) I kind of sat there looking tired and occasionally speaking but not very often.
Got a fortune cookie, from the Chinese my parents had the other day, saying 'You will solve a problem by sheer force of will.' I never believe in those things, but I had a funny mental image of myself sitting down in front of the computer and screaming "Personal Statement!" at it until it re-drafts it for me. Finally, I am no longer red on my arms but a sort of light pink. Good times. Knees still bad.