Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Poll Tax

As it says on the BBC website, it's the anniversary of Poll Tax Riot Night, which, as my parents never fail to remind me every year, was also the day they met.

Happy Poll Tax Riot Anniversary everybody.

Monday, 29 March 2010


In History today we had to pick numbers out of a Quality Street Tin to decide which two people we would be preparing a powerpoint/ information sheet with.

Luckily I got to work with my two favourite people, because I dislike everybody else in the class.

Make of that what you will.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I had lots of fun at Alex's last night, but now I have incredibly exhausted. I just fell asleep on the sofa for forty-five minutes, and was going to watch 'An Education' but now feel it is too late to start a film when I am this tired and can just half-focus on 4od instead. Attempting to ration the number of Bones episodes I watch to prolong the enjoyment; I would watch another one today except I am almost definitely too tired to follow the undoubtedly complex and intellectual plotline. I am only dimly aware of who actually did the murdering in the last one I watched.

No work has been done this weekend, in other news. My legitimate excuse is that I have finished my coursework, until my History draft gets returned to me, and ever since actually writing the coursework I have been feeling a bit ill.

Nothing much else to say. Except I have Bad Romance in my head as Katie was singing it this morning and this is incredibly annoying as it does not appear to have any words that I know of.

EDIT: 'I have incredibly exhausted'??? Clearly.

ANOTHER EDIT: My Dad just called me from downstairs saying that I actually have to watch An Education with him because it is in some way entertainingly relevant to our lives.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

No School Day

This day may turn out to be very productive.

I woke up, shuffled around and perused my history sources, which have overtaken my carpet, then went to town and bought Alex's present and card. I also got a top to wear to Alex's, which I was not expecting to buy. Then I had a nice lunch and came home.

Since then I have written a quarter of my history and been to the dentist.

Alex's Birthday: Sorted. (More or less)
Teeth: Sorted.
History: Quarter Sorted.

Big breakfast making time in school tomorrow. Excited and a little apprehensive as I tend to be a tad over cautious around ovens and rely overly on Zanny (sorry Zanny.)

Just noticed a weird insect crawling over my Schulzinger source. Oh, he's now moved on to a different source. I think he might be trying to tell me something.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh no

Another episode of Bones.
Another gory moment involving a piercing.
Another trip downstairs to breathe deeply and get a glass of water.

I think I have an extreme squeamishness when it comes to piercings. I can just about cope with changing and wearing earrings, but that is the extent of my tolerance.

I can tell it'll be a good episode though.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

All Hope Is Not Lost?

A couple of weekends ago I was in an airport branch of W. H. Smiths, feeling downhearted due to the lack of good books that I wanted to read. I have not read any teenage fiction in a long while, but I was looking through that section feeling the familiar 'oh, it's all vampire romance now, how crap' feeling.

I do not really want to read about boring girls falling in love with generically dull sparkly vampires, as if people are going to rip something off at least make it something worth copying. Like we learnt about in Drama with Shakespeare stealing everything off the Italian guy, that was fair enough because everyone's heard of Twelfth Night but as far as I know no-one's that familiar with the other play that I can't remember the name of.

Anyway, Blaise recommended a book in History (nothing to do with History though) that was apparently good and not about glittery meadow sparkly undead love. On a whim and some book tokens festering in my purse I bought it, and I haven't actually started reading more than the blurb and the first page yet due to this Marxism essay, but it looks highly promising.

Perhaps this is not the end after all.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers' Day with LBJ

Alice in Wonderland was very good. I want all of the dresses Alice wore throughout the film to wear to prom (I would change every forty-five minutes.) I appreciated the visual effects a lot as I was seeing them through both 3D glasses and my beloved nerd goggles.

Great though my Saturday was, my Sunday is being ruined by Lyndon B. Johnson, who's decision whether or not to increase involvement in Vietnam is discussed at length by boring historians whose sources I have to highlight for fear of letting the group down tomorrow. This is distracting me from things I could be doing, such as watching Bones, watching Amelie, watching anything on 4od or iplayer, or watching paint dry. Or even, possibly, doing my Marxism essay.

I am sure I have previously titled a blog post 'Go Away, LBJ.'

My Mothers' Day card went down very well, mainly as I drew a moustache on a picture of Luke from Gilmore Girls and labelled it with my Dad's name.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Food etc.

I was mightily pleased with my re-sit results, and was therefore generally upbeat for the entire morning, most of which I spent trying to inform my parents. This involved texting my Dad during English and standing on the street at breaktime in an attempt to get signal to ring my Mum.

This levity may have affected my eating patterns, as well as the fried egg sandwich in 'How to Boil an Egg' elective (Zanny and I created some strange explosions with the electric hob.) And then when I got home my Mum was like: 'Do you want to go to out of school drama or do you want to go out for a meal with me and your Dad?'

Needless to say I chose the latter.

Also, I only had one lesson yesterday due to History Teacher #2's kitchen being flooded, so I spent most of the day at home, which made me realise exactly how much tea and coffee I drink when left to my own devices.

I was stuck on Mother's day ideas until I realised that most days the first thing I do when I get home from school is watch Gilmore Girls (again with coffee) and that my Mum likes to watch it too because she has Lorelai-envy and blatantly fancies Luke. I feel I must incorporate this somehow.

EDIT: I was just reading back on my first posts from September, and found this gem:
"Not all my blog posts will be rambling about coffee"
What a lie. All I ever seem to DO is ramble about coffee.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

10 Things I Learnt At The Weekend

1. My cousins are considerably awesome and booked tickets for us to go see some improvised comedy with some of their studenty friends.

2. I can pass as 18 in a very busy Edinburgh pub so long as I am with students, only remain in the pub for about fifteen minutes (drinking quickly), and deliberately don't look at the bar.

3. My perpetually kilt-wearing cousin decided not to wear a kilt for the weekend, but instead embarrassed us by going on stage during the improvised comedy for a game of 'Freeze.'

4. My non-kilt wearing cousin, before we settled down to sleep in the living/ drug taking room of her flat, was thoughtful enough to ask me in a concerned way if I thought I was likely to choke to death on my vomit while sleeping, to which I answered probably not.

5. My parents were entirely convinced by my cousin saying loudly about me: 'She's definitely not hungover!' before I told them on the plane back that of course I had been.

6. My Dad loves the film 'Legally Blonde' and has apparently seen it many times.

7. The cousin who normally wears a kilt told me, while we were eating lamb in the restaurant, that he spends a lot of time in university cutting up dead bodies. When he told me it was dissection and not forensic anthropology I lost interest.

8. My grandparents love my non kilt-wearing girl cousin's boyfriend so much that they have a giant photo of him in the attic, although with my cousin.

9. All family arguments can be settled with a certain type of Hungarian pastry that I am not going to try and spell.

10. The aforementioned family arguments tend to revolve around politics, global warming and whether or not my grandfather needs different glasses for the computer.

The End.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Santander and Life

Today I went to Brent Cross and spent £48 on clothes. Then my new Santander' card wouldn't work in the machine. Turns out that it was the replacement card for my savings account not my current account, so I'd inadvertantly bended my current account card thinking I was meant to destroy it.

Therefore, I do not have access to my money for a week and owe my Mum £48. Luckily I have change, so oh well. I also can't remember the number for my savings account bla bla bla boring banking stuff.

In my out of school drama thing today we played a drama game called 'Werewolf.' It is a little bit like Wink Murder only more complicated and terrifying. Everyone accuses you of being the werewolf and you feel horribly guilty even if you're not, so I got accused a lot because I looked so nervous. Good times.

Tomorrow I am off to Scotland for my grandfather's birthday celebrations. Should be fun.