Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers' Day with LBJ

Alice in Wonderland was very good. I want all of the dresses Alice wore throughout the film to wear to prom (I would change every forty-five minutes.) I appreciated the visual effects a lot as I was seeing them through both 3D glasses and my beloved nerd goggles.

Great though my Saturday was, my Sunday is being ruined by Lyndon B. Johnson, who's decision whether or not to increase involvement in Vietnam is discussed at length by boring historians whose sources I have to highlight for fear of letting the group down tomorrow. This is distracting me from things I could be doing, such as watching Bones, watching Amelie, watching anything on 4od or iplayer, or watching paint dry. Or even, possibly, doing my Marxism essay.

I am sure I have previously titled a blog post 'Go Away, LBJ.'

My Mothers' Day card went down very well, mainly as I drew a moustache on a picture of Luke from Gilmore Girls and labelled it with my Dad's name.


Laura Blake said...

Did you not do those Sources as your mock?

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