Thursday, 4 March 2010

Santander and Life

Today I went to Brent Cross and spent £48 on clothes. Then my new Santander' card wouldn't work in the machine. Turns out that it was the replacement card for my savings account not my current account, so I'd inadvertantly bended my current account card thinking I was meant to destroy it.

Therefore, I do not have access to my money for a week and owe my Mum £48. Luckily I have change, so oh well. I also can't remember the number for my savings account bla bla bla boring banking stuff.

In my out of school drama thing today we played a drama game called 'Werewolf.' It is a little bit like Wink Murder only more complicated and terrifying. Everyone accuses you of being the werewolf and you feel horribly guilty even if you're not, so I got accused a lot because I looked so nervous. Good times.

Tomorrow I am off to Scotland for my grandfather's birthday celebrations. Should be fun.


Harry Graham said...

radix malorum est santander

zannyinabox said...

How do you play werewolf? Would it work with brownies? I want an alternative to wink murder!

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