Sunday, 29 November 2009

Homework Fail

I have been unproductive all day. Seriously unproductive. I read a bit, I watched TV a bit, I browsed the internet a bit, and lunch somehow took positively ages. I meant to do my History homework and my French tutor re-sit homework today, but have done neither.
The French I am a little worried about, as I don't know how sympathetic French Lady is with lack of homework. I meant to do it, it was just that it was from a weird educational French magazine and I had to download the activities off the internet. I downloaded them ok but couldn't open an effective way to play them on the computer. As French Lady is always having computer issues when she tries to give me listening exercises, I hope she'll be understanding about that. The fact that I left it today and didn't e-mail her for help may be the real issue.
I literally brought on this homework myself, because I glimpsed an article in the French magazine while I was there about a French thief in the 1800s called 'Arsene Lupin,' and I was like 'Huh? Lupin?' and asked her what it was about. She took my interest as being 'Hey, give me some French homework from this magazine please.' What a fail.
Anyway, I also haven't done my history, for no reason other than laziness and the fact that it's harder to make a fact sheet on a government than just one leader. In other thoughts from today, the rain was so loud against my skylight in the early hours of this morning that I thought the glass would break.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Recent Bits Of My Life

The laptop is fixed, and I am currently on it while watching the sexy new television, which is exciting.
I had a good time at Liz's Party last night, got a little inebriated and remember many amusing moments from the party. I was witness to a lot of bizarre events, which I then incorrectly remembered. My parents find this sort of thing very entertaining, particularly my Dad, who pretended that it was Alcoholics Anonymous on the phone when Jess rang.
Today I went to Watford, so I am now feeling tired and still a little nauseous. And now I'm cold. There is an advert break, so I'm going to go and put earrings in. I would also like to thank Jane for lending me some excellent DVDs to watch tonight. An advert is now on that I hate, the one for vodafone where the guy tries to get chat up lines from his friend and says 'catch a goat you've pulled.' Now it's a scary climate change advert, I'm leaving.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oh Yes She Did

Well, the film was reasonably O.K. It would have actually gone as far as being almost good if it wasn't for that Edward Sullen showing up and spoiling it all. The film was getting pretty interesting and then he would show up looking ill, like the reanimated corpse of Cedric Diggory, and be like; "Hey Bella, I'm here to ruin your life and the film." I realise that 'reanimated' was the wrong word. He really was not particularly animated. Other than that it was a lot better than the first film, more plot and less "Hey, look at my expressionless, pretty face."
Laptop fixed tomorrow. Hoorah. And my parents today installed the big, new, sexy television, shoving the old one into my brother's room; now the only venue for watching videos, presumably on bean bags.
Also, back to films; there was an advert on in the cinema for a film called 'The Wolfman,' or possibly just 'Wolfman.' Now New Moon has come out, and the tweenage fangirls are being converted to 'Team Jacob', are werewolves the new vampires? Interesting.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Oh No She Didn't

I threw many of my principles out of the window.
I rang Catriona, to say 'Catriona, would you like to go to town?' And she said; 'I was just about to ring you, me and Zanny are going to see New Moon tonight and we have a spare ticket, only £5.50 on student discount, would you like to come? Oh and I can't come to town etc.'
Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. I saw the first film, which was a lot of ridiculous close-ups of pale people glaring, and then sparkling in a way that made me think the screen had gone fuzzy. I went to the toilet half way through the film, returned and found that nothing had changed.
According to my English teacher, who went to see New Moon at the midnight release and was therefore practically asleep in the lesson yesterday, film two is more about topless werewolves than sparkly angst-ridden fail. Therefore I am hoping that it is MARGINALLY better. I hope. Also I think some slightly-more-badass-but-still-kinda-lame vampires are meant to show up.
Seeing as I watched the trailer on TV with an expression of horror on my face, I expect this to be a very entertaining/ traumatic evening. I'm sorry Buffy, and possibly Lupin.
Expect a review later.

In other news, had an excellent HP marathon with Zanny last night. Good times with "What's under a dementor's hood? Your mum's face!"

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Extreme Stress Levels

Today my laptop died, with the hard drive breaking for the second time in its short existence of about a year and a half. This led to me entering a level of stress I had not previously believed possible, as even though I got very stressed last time it broke, this time I lost the English essay I spent around two and a half hours writing yesterday, amongst other things.
The symptoms of these extraordinary levels of stress involved hanging around outside the door while my Mum very kindly rang the helpline, screaming: 'DON'T TOUCH ME!' if anyone tried to give me a hug and going into an English essay re-writing frenzy. As well as talking a whole lot faster than normal, like a Gilmore Girl on drugs.
Normally I don't think I would have re-written it, except that I knew I had good points to make. I also reckon I improved on it since the last time, so ultimately all is well, except that I haven't done my drama homework and don't know if I will.
The Man will be coming to give it a new hard drive within the next five days. I really hope it's while I'm at school because I know otherwise I'll get unimaginably stressed while waiting for him to fix it. Oh dear, it's just a lump of technology. Like whenever I lose my iPod, or my laptop dies, I wish it was my very old phone. I hereby sacrifice my phone to the god of Technology if he or she looks after everything else.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Procrastinating Right Now

It has finally stopped raining, which hopefully means an end to all the pathetic fallacy happening this week. They really should not have taught us about pathetic fallacy, as I'll never look at weather the same way again.
Currently sleepy, and I should be writing an essay about Kennedy (as in the President) that I don't really understand. Or reading The Handmaid's Tale, which is beginning to scare me as what if everything in that book will actually happen? Oh well.
Had a fun-filled matricide week in Drama, including poetry that didn't really seem to have much to do with anything, and which we had to read outside in the cold so we could feel the right atmosphere. I thought that the whole point of description in books/ poems was that you imagined the atmosphere. At least it wasn't a poem about slow, excruciating pain.
I am hungry. I'm going to go and have a digestive biscuit. This is not particularly interesting. Also what a weird name for a biscuit, if you think about it.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Today we are experiencing an influx of homosexual relatives, with a visit from my gay uncle and my lesbian third cousin, who have only met each other once previously at my parent's wedding, but got along famously well on that one occasion.
Cue appalling suggestions from my Dad that they share the spare room bed, turn straight and then run away together, which seems somehow unlikely. Also, my uncle keeps reciting 'lesbian limericks,' which I think is preparation for her arriving later this evening. My Dad has now gone on a business trip, which hopefully means an end to the suggestive and inappropriate comments, although not the limericks.
Having not been around at the time of my parent's wedding, I have absolutely no idea what craziness will ensue when the gay relatives meet. I do not know if the house can cope with so much awesome contained in one building, or how many gay pop culture references I can resist making.
Also, at the fireworks last night, it was very muddy and two men fell on me. When I told my uncle this, he said: "I wish that would happen to me."

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Today happened. Weirdness ensued. I have absolutely no idea how the conversational standard descended into such bizarrity but it was mighty entertaining and hard to explain. In short:
"Is it annebird? Is it anneplane? No! It's Anneman Lauraman!"
"Guest starring Anne-thony Head."
"BritAnneia Music Shop"
"And they live with their dog; Annecat."
I have no idea what any of this actually means. I think there was something strange in either the diet coke or the paninis.
Also the Joss Whedon underwear shop called 'Brrr aaaa" (like Bra, but Grr Arggh) makes me think that we possibly consumed a small amount of drugs masquerading as innocent bread. In other news, the holiday conversation was nicely sorted out without descending into Annearchy.
I decided that technically Annespirations are people with my hair colour that I can dress up as for fancy dress parties. Such as Monica from Friends, Dark Willow and anyone played by Helena Bonham Carter. Who Catriona and Zanny get to sing to.