Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not Currently in Drama

I should be in Drama right now. As it is, I am still not feeling great.
Facebook is not working, nor, it appears, is my antihistamine. I will be in for History tomorrow, my only lesson. If anyone reading this sees my arms in school at any point, please recoil in sympathetic disgust as opposed to mean, 'run-from-the-leper' disgust.
The Doctor yesterday took one look at my arms and said 'My God, that's a great rash.' He then went out into the waiting room, saw my Mum and said 'Your daughter has a great rash.' It's everywhere from the neck down, so the only part anyone is likely to see tomorrow is my hands, which are not that bad. Oh, and then they gave me a blood test and I nearly fainted. Like Lucy Westenra.
Which reminds me, I should be writing my English essay. Also, Jane, in case I don't catch you on MSN later, if you want the next Buffy DVD meet me tomorrow at the beginning of break (I know both our school days end then) at the school gate, ideally the one opposite reception, and we can do a swap.
God, I'm bored. And somewhat itchy and very unattractive.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Flocking Hell

My resumé of disturbing medical ailments is beginning to look ridiculous; but this morning it is five and a half billion times worse. My face is bright red and swollen, and my rash is bright red and everywhere in a way that screams 'Probably not going to be in Drama tomorrow if I still look like this.' I look like I ran into a house made of stinging nettles and then was stung to death by bees before being beaten on the face repeatedly with an inflatable bat, and then got really, really embarrassed by the whole thing.
I just got off the phone with a very nice lady from NHS direct, who says that it is too late in the allergic reaction to go into anyphalactic shock, which I have to say is fabulous news. I will only be in School tomorrow if my face has gone down enough to pass as 'flushed excitement for the new school week, combined with a charming rosy tinge.'
Also, I have so far used my current quarantine to write half of my English essay, read and watch yesterday's Merlin and lots of Smack the Pony, so am feeling a bit cheered up.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Royal Holloway

Went to Royal Holloway, University of London today.

I have to say, amazing. It was literally a castle. Like an actual castle. Look at it....so weird. The accomodation was a strange attic, and there were statues in the courtyards, and even the people were mostly pretty. It was like the University of Hogwarts. From the slopy skylight of the cheapest student accomodation I could see one of the turrets.
Only issue was the grades, one A more than I'm likely to possibly get, although having French as well may help a bit. And also it is a little too close to home maybe, and actually not that close to any kind of town centre despite being a college of the University of London.
Anyway, last night I went spontaneously babysitting for 11 year old Peter nextdoor, who is very easy to babysit because he's quite independent and well-behaved, and I watched a repeat of last week's Merlin. To my slight surprise, I enjoyed it, and not just because of King Giles (although that was very lovely.) I may have to continue to watch it, but on iplayer, because 6.40 or whenever ALWAYS clashes with dinner.
Oh yeah, and some people in Royal Holloway looked at me like I was crazy because I went into the Science Library just so I could look at the fake electronic fish tank in the floor.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sarcastic Yay

I am allergic to Penicillin.
This explains a LOT about the past few days. Like why, since taking the antibiotics, I have been getting bad headaches, and feeling ridiculously over-tired, and having strange temperature fluctuations and random aches and pains in my arms, legs and general joints.
My first though was Swine Flu, but this morning's rash all over my legs would suggest otherwise. And the fact that my Mum rang the doctor, who said: "Yeah, that's a penicillin allergy."
I am amazed that I am able to write a blog with this level of tiredness, but hey, I wrote my personal statement while even more exhausted. Not going to Teens tonight, so I'll have a chance to legitimately collapse.
Also I love my Uncle, because he picked me up from school in his car.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Surrey etc.

Well, on Sunday night I was on the phone to Australia from 10.15 until 11.30, ringing my obscure relative Jacqui about University courses. I mean 'obscure' in the distant sense, not because she's really weird or anything. It was actually very, very useful, even the bit when two-year-old Cully wandered in crying because her big brother had hit her with a toy train.
And then yesterday I went to the land of Surrey. I loved the course, because it's not really pretentious but you still get to study both the old stuff and the new stuff. The university itself I was not so sure about, because it looked like somewhere you could hold a West Side Story-style turf war. I said 'Here is where we can do battle with rival sororities,' and my Mum said: 'No Anne, that's America.'
From today, I have to say that I don't understand why holding bits of rostra in Drama makes your hands smell funny, but it does.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lazy Afternoon

I have not really had the most thrilling of weekends. Here is the brightside:
1. I made some more UCAS-related progress yesterday.
2. I can now swallow my scary Beaumont-coloured pills using the highly effective 'Blake method.'

And here is the downside:
1. I still have a long way to go with the UCAS, and my parents keep reminding me of things to do every so often. (Read that sentence as nagging me of things to do a lot of the time.)
2. Everybody's a little twitchy due to Jack having an epileptic fit this morning, which is not dangerous but still a bit alarming.

At some point I may do the countdown thing, but right now I am too lazy. Also I am close to the end of Dracula, but this morning I read all of a tacky, teenage short story, and then read two pages of Dracula, and then fell asleep on my beanbag.
It's because I love all the other characters, but Van Helsing is beginning to irritate me. Please Dr. Van Helsing, stop talking in metaphors.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday Ravetimes

I went to the doctors about the cough. I have some form of mild chest infection and need to take strange Beaumont-coloured antibiotics; literally half maroon and half yellow. Unfortunately I am not great at swallowing pills, and ended up spending about ten minutes over the sink pouring copious glasses of water down my front while my Dad laughed at me.
He then was like: "Look, it's easy," and got a bit of chocolate chip biscuit and swallowed it. Then he demonstrated again, until he accidentally chose a really big bit of biscuit and started choking. It was, I have to say, not greatly reassuring. I eventually, covered in water and surrounded by bits of 'practice biscuit' managed to swallow the darn pill.
More cheerfully, Company of Teens started yesterday with a whole lot of new people including someone called Dave from Trestle. The new people seem nice, although we are currently having some issues with an unfriendly girl from last term, but she's a definite minority.
Also, for the record, and I don't know if she reads this: Jessie is not bad, if you like that sort of thing. Which I do.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Broken Things In The House and More Coughing

I now have a doctor's appointment for the coughing, which has progressed to running out of breath when I walk, talk and when I walk and talk at the same time. I wanted to get one today but we couldn't get one, so now I have to go at 5.40 tomorrow. Can't be bothered really seeing as I'd prepared myself to go today and now have to spend another day coughing for no reason.
In other news, we are going to get a new DVD player, because with the current one the films always freeze, and then you have to pick the player up and hit it really hard. And then it still freezes again after a while. More excitingly, my mother is thinking of buying an espresso machine. I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but she said it'll mean we can make actual cappucinos, which is exciting.
I for one think we should start a coffee shop. Our surname is unusual and could easily become a household name. I decided not to put the surname in the blog, only because my grandparents spend a lot of their time googling it (really, it's their main hobby.) Anyway, yes, coffee shop. It would be great; we could have those little cardboard containers.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Cough Cough

I have been coughing all day. It is worse when I walk, which is annoying, because I had to walk to and from school, and also to and from Laura's at lunch, and I had to keep stopping to cough a lot.
I have had a lot of hot lemon, to little avail. Will have more later. In more cheerful news, I finally watched Dr. Horrible, twice, this weekend. Now possibly might watch for a third time, or at least have on in the background. It was really very excellent.
Also, How I Met Your Mother has gone from not being funny (in the first episode) to actually being funny. Which is always good. And-um, I really need to finish Dracula. I'm getting to the 'just kill him already' stage.
And my what an innuendo-ridden drama lesson we had to day. And Jane needs to follow this blog. I don't know why I put that on the blog when I assume if she read it she would follow it.
Still coughing. I keep thinking of how Kate Winslet coughs all the way through Finding Neverland and it foreshadows her death. This is not good.

Edit: My despicable error; Jane does follow my blog. I assumed it was Laura because Laura said something along the lines of "I follow your blog." You're Laura and you lie, Lorelai. Or you're invisible. An invisible Lorelai Gilmore.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Who Exactly Is Beatrice?

Just got back from a family party with really obscure relatives. My Granny's brother's wife's sister and her family. I pretty much by the end of the afternoon could work out who everybody was and how I was related to them, except this one woman called Beatrice.
Neither my Mum nor Dad had any idea who she was either. We had this conversation:
Me: Mum, who's Beatrice?
Mum: I have no idea, your Dad will know.
Me: Dad, who's Beatrice?
Dad: Who?
Me: The one who looks like Sue Perkins.
Dad: No idea.
Who knows. Maybe it was Sue Perkins using a false name. I have never had more people coming up to me, hugging me and telling me I look so much like my Granny. Except at the last obscure family gathering.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Continuation of the Coffee Story

So in the end I did not get my mocha, but put five pounds on my magic finger for future use. (Oh, and as I discovered last night, Gold Blend tastes not that great.)
But Elise and I decided to go and have coffee and lunch at my house, and lunch was very successful but the coffee machine broke. So tonight I walked to Morrisons and a lovely woman told me that they didn't serve takeaway cappuchino in the cafe, but she could for me. So she put a cappuchino in a makeshift takeaway cup (two disposable coke glasses slotted together) and it only cost me a pound.
It was very nice of her because otherwise I'd have hard to sit in a cafe on my own while it got dark outside.
Not all my blog posts will be rambling about coffee, but I am very happy with my cappuchino.
And with how Drama went today, and that Elise and I put marshmallows in chocolate sauce and then ate it with spoons.
Oh dear. I have not eaten proper vegetables in a very long time.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dracula and Mochas

I am very excited about the new canteen. All I have seen so far is how incredibly green it is. And I've had half of Zanny's mocha (she let me.)
Alex and I have an exciting post-lesson Mocha plan for tomorrow, which Miss Catton said was sad, because who plans their coffee a day in advance?
The answer is: I do.
Which leads me nicely into my next point; Miss Catton's Dracula lessons. We also have Chaucer with Mrs Proudfoot, who is so hilarious I tried to look her up on wikiquote yesterday evening. However Chaucer is not so fun, even though I found the word 'cardynacle', which means heart attack.
Dracula lessons are fun because Miss Catton is a big gothic enthusiast, and the majority of the class (ie. Me, Maddy, Liz and Robyn) are massive keenos. So we basically talk about feminism in Dracula, what kind of shoes he would wear and how much we fancy Dr. Seward.
Also speaking of coffee, tonight, following Laura's suggestion, I'm going to celebrate the penultimate night of being home alone by breaking into the Gold Blend. Which is the perfect way to combine coffee and vampires.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Have Succumed To Peer Pressure

Yes. This is my blog.
I say yes to a blog, no to twitter. (For now, who knows how easily I will be led.)
Currently I have no parents, except via phone calls. This means I am watching more TV than I am used to, and it is very difficult to type while watching a very funny episode of Friends. And on facebook, and with a headache.
Important points from today:
1. The woman in the exams office is scary.
2. I liked the supervillain idea in Drama, but maybe it wouldn't have come across as 'A2' enough.
3. My parents are probably swimming in a lake in Canada right now. Except probably not my Dad, because he is afraid of lakes.

I would add that Jane is deceboobed and Laura has eight penii, but then I'm asking for a hermannephrodite reply.
And hooray, two lessons tomorrow!

Also, who knows how often I will update this?