Thursday, 17 September 2009

Broken Things In The House and More Coughing

I now have a doctor's appointment for the coughing, which has progressed to running out of breath when I walk, talk and when I walk and talk at the same time. I wanted to get one today but we couldn't get one, so now I have to go at 5.40 tomorrow. Can't be bothered really seeing as I'd prepared myself to go today and now have to spend another day coughing for no reason.
In other news, we are going to get a new DVD player, because with the current one the films always freeze, and then you have to pick the player up and hit it really hard. And then it still freezes again after a while. More excitingly, my mother is thinking of buying an espresso machine. I'm not entirely sure what that entails, but she said it'll mean we can make actual cappucinos, which is exciting.
I for one think we should start a coffee shop. Our surname is unusual and could easily become a household name. I decided not to put the surname in the blog, only because my grandparents spend a lot of their time googling it (really, it's their main hobby.) Anyway, yes, coffee shop. It would be great; we could have those little cardboard containers.


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