Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lazy Afternoon

I have not really had the most thrilling of weekends. Here is the brightside:
1. I made some more UCAS-related progress yesterday.
2. I can now swallow my scary Beaumont-coloured pills using the highly effective 'Blake method.'

And here is the downside:
1. I still have a long way to go with the UCAS, and my parents keep reminding me of things to do every so often. (Read that sentence as nagging me of things to do a lot of the time.)
2. Everybody's a little twitchy due to Jack having an epileptic fit this morning, which is not dangerous but still a bit alarming.

At some point I may do the countdown thing, but right now I am too lazy. Also I am close to the end of Dracula, but this morning I read all of a tacky, teenage short story, and then read two pages of Dracula, and then fell asleep on my beanbag.
It's because I love all the other characters, but Van Helsing is beginning to irritate me. Please Dr. Van Helsing, stop talking in metaphors.


Laura Blake said...

What's your metaphor?

I like to Quote Shakespeare at any opertunity.
Tho the fact that I very probably spelt that wrong doesn't help my smartness factor

Anne said...

My metaphor is:

'Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.'

Also my followers appear to have suddenly disappeared. Which is not as weird as the crazy twitter thing happening on your blog.

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