Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Have Succumed To Peer Pressure

Yes. This is my blog.
I say yes to a blog, no to twitter. (For now, who knows how easily I will be led.)
Currently I have no parents, except via phone calls. This means I am watching more TV than I am used to, and it is very difficult to type while watching a very funny episode of Friends. And on facebook, and with a headache.
Important points from today:
1. The woman in the exams office is scary.
2. I liked the supervillain idea in Drama, but maybe it wouldn't have come across as 'A2' enough.
3. My parents are probably swimming in a lake in Canada right now. Except probably not my Dad, because he is afraid of lakes.

I would add that Jane is deceboobed and Laura has eight penii, but then I'm asking for a hermannephrodite reply.
And hooray, two lessons tomorrow!

Also, who knows how often I will update this?


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