Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dracula and Mochas

I am very excited about the new canteen. All I have seen so far is how incredibly green it is. And I've had half of Zanny's mocha (she let me.)
Alex and I have an exciting post-lesson Mocha plan for tomorrow, which Miss Catton said was sad, because who plans their coffee a day in advance?
The answer is: I do.
Which leads me nicely into my next point; Miss Catton's Dracula lessons. We also have Chaucer with Mrs Proudfoot, who is so hilarious I tried to look her up on wikiquote yesterday evening. However Chaucer is not so fun, even though I found the word 'cardynacle', which means heart attack.
Dracula lessons are fun because Miss Catton is a big gothic enthusiast, and the majority of the class (ie. Me, Maddy, Liz and Robyn) are massive keenos. So we basically talk about feminism in Dracula, what kind of shoes he would wear and how much we fancy Dr. Seward.
Also speaking of coffee, tonight, following Laura's suggestion, I'm going to celebrate the penultimate night of being home alone by breaking into the Gold Blend. Which is the perfect way to combine coffee and vampires.


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