Friday, 11 September 2009

Continuation of the Coffee Story

So in the end I did not get my mocha, but put five pounds on my magic finger for future use. (Oh, and as I discovered last night, Gold Blend tastes not that great.)
But Elise and I decided to go and have coffee and lunch at my house, and lunch was very successful but the coffee machine broke. So tonight I walked to Morrisons and a lovely woman told me that they didn't serve takeaway cappuchino in the cafe, but she could for me. So she put a cappuchino in a makeshift takeaway cup (two disposable coke glasses slotted together) and it only cost me a pound.
It was very nice of her because otherwise I'd have hard to sit in a cafe on my own while it got dark outside.
Not all my blog posts will be rambling about coffee, but I am very happy with my cappuchino.
And with how Drama went today, and that Elise and I put marshmallows in chocolate sauce and then ate it with spoons.
Oh dear. I have not eaten proper vegetables in a very long time.


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