Sunday, 13 September 2009

Who Exactly Is Beatrice?

Just got back from a family party with really obscure relatives. My Granny's brother's wife's sister and her family. I pretty much by the end of the afternoon could work out who everybody was and how I was related to them, except this one woman called Beatrice.
Neither my Mum nor Dad had any idea who she was either. We had this conversation:
Me: Mum, who's Beatrice?
Mum: I have no idea, your Dad will know.
Me: Dad, who's Beatrice?
Dad: Who?
Me: The one who looks like Sue Perkins.
Dad: No idea.
Who knows. Maybe it was Sue Perkins using a false name. I have never had more people coming up to me, hugging me and telling me I look so much like my Granny. Except at the last obscure family gathering.


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