Saturday, 26 September 2009

Royal Holloway

Went to Royal Holloway, University of London today.

I have to say, amazing. It was literally a castle. Like an actual castle. Look at weird. The accomodation was a strange attic, and there were statues in the courtyards, and even the people were mostly pretty. It was like the University of Hogwarts. From the slopy skylight of the cheapest student accomodation I could see one of the turrets.
Only issue was the grades, one A more than I'm likely to possibly get, although having French as well may help a bit. And also it is a little too close to home maybe, and actually not that close to any kind of town centre despite being a college of the University of London.
Anyway, last night I went spontaneously babysitting for 11 year old Peter nextdoor, who is very easy to babysit because he's quite independent and well-behaved, and I watched a repeat of last week's Merlin. To my slight surprise, I enjoyed it, and not just because of King Giles (although that was very lovely.) I may have to continue to watch it, but on iplayer, because 6.40 or whenever ALWAYS clashes with dinner.
Oh yeah, and some people in Royal Holloway looked at me like I was crazy because I went into the Science Library just so I could look at the fake electronic fish tank in the floor.


Jane. said...

King Giles!

Yes, on closer inspection you do indeed look like an angry Indian :)

Oh, and I'm not sure whether I'm going to check out Aber. or not yet, but have fun when you go.

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