Thursday, 29 April 2010

Good News

I am not currently in form time, or, you know, working because that is what study leave and Sunday afternoons are for.

And the sun is shining outside and the History mock is over. There will be cold pizza for lunch and I don't have to go to school for over an hour. Good times.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Food and Work

Jess's Alice in Wonderland party was fantastic, and I have now eaten so much food that I cannot imagine eating ever again (or, at least, until tomorrow lunchtime.)

It was merry, whimsical, nostalgic and hilarious.

Despite the teacher being stuck in Hong Kong due to the cloud of volcanic ash, I have a reasonably sudden History mock on Monday which I have done practically no revision for, as well as a Lysistrata mock, which, in light of the recent surprise History mock, I have also done very little revision for. Not to mention the English essay that I wrote half of on Friday and cannot be bothered to finish because all the Gothic questions are virtually the same.

Inevitably I will end up failing at revision in order to watch the Glee Repeat (apparently it was repeated on Friday rather than Sunday, who knew?) and anything else I can procrastinate with on iplayer. But now I must watch Doctor Who, despite the post-eating-too-much exhaustion.

Monday, 19 April 2010


No longer feeling nostalgic about school now I actually have to go back tomorrow.
It'll mean getting dressed at some time that isn't at least half past eleven, which means I should probably be going to sleep right now.

Glee was excellent tonight. TV is amazing at the moment, in general. It's almost as if broadcasters think 'Hey, let's think of a fun way to distract kids from those exams they have to revise for.'

Oh well, I'm sure some of it is educational.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wow Time

This will hopefully be a more interesting blog post than the last one, which was just me venting my general history frustration.

Jane said something in her vlog which I had not realised: just over 3 weeks of school left until study leave. This is not a panic about exams, as I know when the exams are, this is just...the end of school. Actual lessons. In classrooms, with teachers and fellow pupils and whiteboards and all the typical school things.

One minute you're five and getting upset in a P.E lesson because you can't do a forward roll, and the next minute you're seventeen and...getting upset in a Drama lesson because you can't do a dive forward roll off three people. That is cyclical structure if ever I saw it.

And what about school bells? Breaktime? Packed lunches? Being surrounded by people in blazers who should me shorter than me but aren't? I swear sometime last week I was doing maths and worrying about puberty, and now I have friends that can drive, and my Mum asked me yesterday if I was planning on taking my cuddly toy lion to university. (Yes)

My parents never got detentions in their entire time at secondary school, and nor have I, except for ones for the whole class. I also managed to get through the whole of science up until year eleven without once touching a Bunsen burner. I feel like I should, at some point during the next three weeks, light a Bunsen burner and get a detention.

I also regret never once skipping P.E, apart from one time when I left early and sat in the changing rooms for twenty minutes, but I don't think that counts.

Wow, reasonably profound final stretch of school blog post. Expect something similar and also slightly different at the actual end where I highlight some particular favourite memories, like one of those channel 4 countdowns but with more like 5 rather than 100.


I thought I would edit my History coursework today.

I read it, in my head, and it was so dull that I realised on page three that I was not taking any of it in. So I read it aloud, in a monotone, and by the end of page one I realised that I was still not taking any of it in.

So I lay on my bed listening to music, and then went to look at it again. I added a bit more to one sentence then realised that I was now over the word limit. It is without a doubt the most boring word document in existence. I could type the word 'bored' repeatedly for a page and it would be more interesting than this particular piece of coursework.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It's a day of sunshine, picnics in the park (except I left early to get a lift with Katie) and buying ridiculously upbeat cheerful music on itunes.

I am now for no apparent reason listening to feisty lady music. Which I have decided is now an actual genre. And 'There She Goes' which is one of those songs that you can always imagine is about you while listening to it even though it's clearly about drugs.

I have come home and realised that I am at a bit of the loss for what to do for the remainder of the afternoon except watch television and possibly do some Macbeth quote gathering. I have rented the film 'Almost Famous' to watch, which I hadn't heard of until I watched that Movie Mistakes thing. It's about a 15 year old rock journalist and has Zooey Deschanel in it at some point. It might be awful, or it might be good.

Ooh, according to wikipedia Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 88, so I have high hopes now.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Television.

You can cancel the assassination plans, recall the armed ninjas and cross me off of your hit lists, because yesterday I finally watched Doctor Who.

It was excellent. I intend to continue to watch it. Also, my Mum likes how the new Doctor dresses, so ordered my Dad a similar jacket. They did not actually watch it; they're just clearly heavily influenced by the fashion part of the Independent.

I am not going to say anything else about Doctor Who, as I am by no means an authority on the subject and fully intend to leave the analysis, reviews and comments to those better informed than myself. Ditto Ashes to Ashes.

Also, Outnumbered was amazing. Best part was 'We're not, now we're spotting lesbians.'

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Quarter Past Midnight

I should not be blogging at this godforsaken hour.

Just returned from Zanny's. You know when you're out somewhere, and you're really, really tired to the extent that you're practically falling asleep at someone else's house, and you think 'I'm going to sleep as soon as I get home,' and then suddenly you get home and you're awake?

Well, that is me right now. The weather was nice today; you could tell by the many people making out in Clarence Park. It's like the mating season.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh Sod It

I'm going to end up watching Doctor Who on iplayer tomorrow morning because it's had positive reviews and I won't have done enough Lysistrata to let myself watch Bones.

My life is confusing.


I am confronting the two issues of the early Easter Holidays head on. These issues are:

1. Fear of watching too many episodes of Bones in too short a space of time, therefore not savouring them accordingly and
2. Fear of not doing enough of my Lysistrata concept.

Therefore, from today onwards, 20 pages of Lysistrata= one episode of Bones. Of course, this is not as harsh as it initially seems as the pages are only odd-numbered, so by 20 pages I actually mean 10. However it feels a little bit like some kind of diet, with Bones being chocolate and each page of Lysistrata being a press-up or something.

Of course, both of these are stationery activities and I can eat chocolate at the same time, providing the corpses are not too disgusting, making the diet analogy kind of null and void. Although I did walk to town and pay a visit to a certain local trainee librarian today, which constitutes as exercise.

The exciting news is that I have a new bedroom blind to replace the broken, orange one and the rock in a sock holding it in place. It is blue and not particularly thick, so the sun will stream in a bit but not so much that I will be waking up in blinding sunlight every morning as I have been doing for the past year or so. Looking forward to testing it out tonight.

Now I must go and get in eight more pages of Lysistrata before dinner. Oh, and I've also made the decision to not watch Doctor Who, because I am not really a frequent watcher anyway, and had just got used to David Tennant. However I did watch Ashes to Ashes. It was always going to be one or the other.