Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wow Time

This will hopefully be a more interesting blog post than the last one, which was just me venting my general history frustration.

Jane said something in her vlog which I had not realised: just over 3 weeks of school left until study leave. This is not a panic about exams, as I know when the exams are, this is just...the end of school. Actual lessons. In classrooms, with teachers and fellow pupils and whiteboards and all the typical school things.

One minute you're five and getting upset in a P.E lesson because you can't do a forward roll, and the next minute you're seventeen and...getting upset in a Drama lesson because you can't do a dive forward roll off three people. That is cyclical structure if ever I saw it.

And what about school bells? Breaktime? Packed lunches? Being surrounded by people in blazers who should me shorter than me but aren't? I swear sometime last week I was doing maths and worrying about puberty, and now I have friends that can drive, and my Mum asked me yesterday if I was planning on taking my cuddly toy lion to university. (Yes)

My parents never got detentions in their entire time at secondary school, and nor have I, except for ones for the whole class. I also managed to get through the whole of science up until year eleven without once touching a Bunsen burner. I feel like I should, at some point during the next three weeks, light a Bunsen burner and get a detention.

I also regret never once skipping P.E, apart from one time when I left early and sat in the changing rooms for twenty minutes, but I don't think that counts.

Wow, reasonably profound final stretch of school blog post. Expect something similar and also slightly different at the actual end where I highlight some particular favourite memories, like one of those channel 4 countdowns but with more like 5 rather than 100.


JoeMI6 said...

Loving the drama mention Anne!

Anne said...

What, because of the cyclical structure of the forward rolls?

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