Saturday, 24 April 2010

Food and Work

Jess's Alice in Wonderland party was fantastic, and I have now eaten so much food that I cannot imagine eating ever again (or, at least, until tomorrow lunchtime.)

It was merry, whimsical, nostalgic and hilarious.

Despite the teacher being stuck in Hong Kong due to the cloud of volcanic ash, I have a reasonably sudden History mock on Monday which I have done practically no revision for, as well as a Lysistrata mock, which, in light of the recent surprise History mock, I have also done very little revision for. Not to mention the English essay that I wrote half of on Friday and cannot be bothered to finish because all the Gothic questions are virtually the same.

Inevitably I will end up failing at revision in order to watch the Glee Repeat (apparently it was repeated on Friday rather than Sunday, who knew?) and anything else I can procrastinate with on iplayer. But now I must watch Doctor Who, despite the post-eating-too-much exhaustion.


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