Saturday, 3 April 2010


I am confronting the two issues of the early Easter Holidays head on. These issues are:

1. Fear of watching too many episodes of Bones in too short a space of time, therefore not savouring them accordingly and
2. Fear of not doing enough of my Lysistrata concept.

Therefore, from today onwards, 20 pages of Lysistrata= one episode of Bones. Of course, this is not as harsh as it initially seems as the pages are only odd-numbered, so by 20 pages I actually mean 10. However it feels a little bit like some kind of diet, with Bones being chocolate and each page of Lysistrata being a press-up or something.

Of course, both of these are stationery activities and I can eat chocolate at the same time, providing the corpses are not too disgusting, making the diet analogy kind of null and void. Although I did walk to town and pay a visit to a certain local trainee librarian today, which constitutes as exercise.

The exciting news is that I have a new bedroom blind to replace the broken, orange one and the rock in a sock holding it in place. It is blue and not particularly thick, so the sun will stream in a bit but not so much that I will be waking up in blinding sunlight every morning as I have been doing for the past year or so. Looking forward to testing it out tonight.

Now I must go and get in eight more pages of Lysistrata before dinner. Oh, and I've also made the decision to not watch Doctor Who, because I am not really a frequent watcher anyway, and had just got used to David Tennant. However I did watch Ashes to Ashes. It was always going to be one or the other.


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