Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Surrey etc.

Well, on Sunday night I was on the phone to Australia from 10.15 until 11.30, ringing my obscure relative Jacqui about University courses. I mean 'obscure' in the distant sense, not because she's really weird or anything. It was actually very, very useful, even the bit when two-year-old Cully wandered in crying because her big brother had hit her with a toy train.
And then yesterday I went to the land of Surrey. I loved the course, because it's not really pretentious but you still get to study both the old stuff and the new stuff. The university itself I was not so sure about, because it looked like somewhere you could hold a West Side Story-style turf war. I said 'Here is where we can do battle with rival sororities,' and my Mum said: 'No Anne, that's America.'
From today, I have to say that I don't understand why holding bits of rostra in Drama makes your hands smell funny, but it does.


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