Sunday, 29 November 2009

Homework Fail

I have been unproductive all day. Seriously unproductive. I read a bit, I watched TV a bit, I browsed the internet a bit, and lunch somehow took positively ages. I meant to do my History homework and my French tutor re-sit homework today, but have done neither.
The French I am a little worried about, as I don't know how sympathetic French Lady is with lack of homework. I meant to do it, it was just that it was from a weird educational French magazine and I had to download the activities off the internet. I downloaded them ok but couldn't open an effective way to play them on the computer. As French Lady is always having computer issues when she tries to give me listening exercises, I hope she'll be understanding about that. The fact that I left it today and didn't e-mail her for help may be the real issue.
I literally brought on this homework myself, because I glimpsed an article in the French magazine while I was there about a French thief in the 1800s called 'Arsene Lupin,' and I was like 'Huh? Lupin?' and asked her what it was about. She took my interest as being 'Hey, give me some French homework from this magazine please.' What a fail.
Anyway, I also haven't done my history, for no reason other than laziness and the fact that it's harder to make a fact sheet on a government than just one leader. In other thoughts from today, the rain was so loud against my skylight in the early hours of this morning that I thought the glass would break.


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