Thursday, 19 November 2009

Extreme Stress Levels

Today my laptop died, with the hard drive breaking for the second time in its short existence of about a year and a half. This led to me entering a level of stress I had not previously believed possible, as even though I got very stressed last time it broke, this time I lost the English essay I spent around two and a half hours writing yesterday, amongst other things.
The symptoms of these extraordinary levels of stress involved hanging around outside the door while my Mum very kindly rang the helpline, screaming: 'DON'T TOUCH ME!' if anyone tried to give me a hug and going into an English essay re-writing frenzy. As well as talking a whole lot faster than normal, like a Gilmore Girl on drugs.
Normally I don't think I would have re-written it, except that I knew I had good points to make. I also reckon I improved on it since the last time, so ultimately all is well, except that I haven't done my drama homework and don't know if I will.
The Man will be coming to give it a new hard drive within the next five days. I really hope it's while I'm at school because I know otherwise I'll get unimaginably stressed while waiting for him to fix it. Oh dear, it's just a lump of technology. Like whenever I lose my iPod, or my laptop dies, I wish it was my very old phone. I hereby sacrifice my phone to the god of Technology if he or she looks after everything else.


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