Saturday, 21 November 2009

Oh No She Didn't

I threw many of my principles out of the window.
I rang Catriona, to say 'Catriona, would you like to go to town?' And she said; 'I was just about to ring you, me and Zanny are going to see New Moon tonight and we have a spare ticket, only £5.50 on student discount, would you like to come? Oh and I can't come to town etc.'
Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. I saw the first film, which was a lot of ridiculous close-ups of pale people glaring, and then sparkling in a way that made me think the screen had gone fuzzy. I went to the toilet half way through the film, returned and found that nothing had changed.
According to my English teacher, who went to see New Moon at the midnight release and was therefore practically asleep in the lesson yesterday, film two is more about topless werewolves than sparkly angst-ridden fail. Therefore I am hoping that it is MARGINALLY better. I hope. Also I think some slightly-more-badass-but-still-kinda-lame vampires are meant to show up.
Seeing as I watched the trailer on TV with an expression of horror on my face, I expect this to be a very entertaining/ traumatic evening. I'm sorry Buffy, and possibly Lupin.
Expect a review later.

In other news, had an excellent HP marathon with Zanny last night. Good times with "What's under a dementor's hood? Your mum's face!"


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