Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Today happened. Weirdness ensued. I have absolutely no idea how the conversational standard descended into such bizarrity but it was mighty entertaining and hard to explain. In short:
"Is it annebird? Is it anneplane? No! It's Anneman Lauraman!"
"Guest starring Anne-thony Head."
"BritAnneia Music Shop"
"And they live with their dog; Annecat."
I have no idea what any of this actually means. I think there was something strange in either the diet coke or the paninis.
Also the Joss Whedon underwear shop called 'Brrr aaaa" (like Bra, but Grr Arggh) makes me think that we possibly consumed a small amount of drugs masquerading as innocent bread. In other news, the holiday conversation was nicely sorted out without descending into Annearchy.
I decided that technically Annespirations are people with my hair colour that I can dress up as for fancy dress parties. Such as Monica from Friends, Dark Willow and anyone played by Helena Bonham Carter. Who Catriona and Zanny get to sing to.


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