Saturday, 31 October 2009


Halloween Gathering #1:
At Zanny's. Dressed as Drusilla, alongside Buffy and Spike. We had a great time tying each other up, which sounds like geeky bondage porn, but was actually a game to try and eat party rings and marshmallows from a piece of string. Who am I kidding, it was geeky bondage porn.
Also I could not breathe in the corset I was wearing, and I hid from sparklers. Walking back in the dark under a closed bridge at 11.00 in the rain was an interesting experience; in high heels, with a giant stake that was actually a cricket wicket. I am very glad we were not raped, not just because of the obvious disadvantages of rape, but because the headlines in the morning would have been embarassing due to the costumes, and the fact that I was singing 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.'

Halloween Gathering #2
This one, I have to say, was even weirder, mainly as I was not with my normal group of loyal companions. My main reason for going was that I could go as Bellatrix and draw a dark mark on my arm in eyeliner, which was fun. Now, some people at the party had a disturbing pagan ritual, because one girl there wanted to initiate another girl into her 'wolf cult' (I have literally no idea.) This involved speaking either real or pretend Welsh, I wasn't sure, and praying to the four elements, then howling at the moon. There was going to be a blood brothers type blood ritual thing, but then thankfully the girl being initiated got too squeamish. I have to say, I was a little bit skeptical about the whole pagan wolf cult pack thing.

Next year, I'll need to think of more evil fictional women to go as.


Laura Blake said...

That Second one sounds freakydeaky

I spent Halloween night reading Harry Potter 3 to a 6 year old, then watching Ghostbusters 2

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