Friday, 9 October 2009

Today etc.

Today I queued up for the whole of break and a lot of English waiting to have a cervical cancer jab, getting overheated and nervous because I thought I was going to have a jab, and because it was a crowded queue. Then I went in and was told that, as I suspected, glandular fever equals no jab for me right now. So it's delayed until the 6th November, when I'll be having my first jab along with a bunch of year tens having their second jab and thinking: "What's that sixth former doing here?"
In other news, Laura bought a Spike coat. I don't know why I would blog about that when it was on her blog, but it was awesome. Also, my Drama piece was a slight fail, because our concept was 'hey, lets have smiley faces and sad faces,' and 'let's have Anne beat up Ben.' Oh well.
Also I will have 'Runway Three' and Zanny's 'Horror Horror Horror Macbeth has killed Duncan' in my head for ever. What's with all the song writing recently? Speaking of English lesson fun (Zanny's song, not Runway Three) our English lessons have gotten a little weird lately. what with Maddy comparing Lucy Westenra's blood transfusions to gang rape, and Miss Catton inadvertently suggesting we all watch True Blood, by telling us it's far too gory and sexual for her to recommend it to us, but that she really likes it.
Also, funniest thing I heard today was that a year 12 fainted on Robyn during the cervical cancer injection party.


Doug said...

Hey! I liked our piece. Even if it wasn't quite as good as Lauras...
and i have to see this spike coat

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