Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh, That Explains A Lot

Chances are, I never had a chest infection or penicillin allergy. I definitely never had a chest infection. It was all a tangled web of deceit, misdiagnosis and lies.
So, I got home today to find a message on the answerphone, telling me they had the results of my blood test of last Monday, and that I had glandular fever.
The cold I had at the beginning of term, which became a fortnight long cough, was glandular fever. The doctor misdiagnosed it, as often happens with glandular fever, as a chest infection, and prescribed me Amoxillin Penicillin (pay attention, kids, this is a science lesson.)
It turns out, in 99% of cases, Amoxillin incorrectly prescribed to someone with glandular fever will react with the fever and create a massive, red, all-body rash. Which explains why the doctors were like; 'Oh, must check for glandular fever' when I went in with my 'penicillin allergy.'
So basically, I am probably not actually allergic to Penicillin, it just didn't like my glandular fever very much. That said, my Uncle is allergic to it, and I still COULD be, just the glandular fever thing makes a lot more sense.
Now I am starting to worry that I may be a bit responsible for the September Plague which swept school. Also I've been LIVING A LIE.


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