Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh No No No No

Points from my weekend in Wales:

1. My Granny makes lovely roast dinners, but three in a weekend was just too much.
2. Twenty-four hour antihistamine is wonderful.
3. We didn't even bother to visit a university in the end; we were too lazy.
4. A little confession now, honestly the part I enjoy most about going there (apart from when it's sunny and we swim in the sea) is the 5 and a half hour car journey. I love listening to music and daydreaming.

Everyone is ill at the moment; hopefully having been varying degrees of ill for a month I am now immune. Although, logically that makes no sense, I should be more vulnerable.
Also I enjoyed not going to the Sixth Form Social, and now have an unprecedented number of bat-shaped chocolate chip biscuits to eat.
The title of this blog, by the way, relates to the Musical Extravaganza that was Drama. Actually, I didn't fully appreciate when told I had to sing that it was drunken singing, so actually it was ok and not scary. Apart from the Tension Cakes of the lesson.


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