Monday, 5 October 2009

Super Well

I deleted my previous blog post about half an hour after writing it, because it was ranting about an issue which was then resolved. Felt kind of mean because I was complaining about my parents, and then they started being very helpful. Because I am incapable of being angry at them for prolonged periods of time, I won't do 'parental rant' posts in future, as I'll just look back and feel guilty.
Apart from the faint remnants of a rash, I am now well again. Weirdly well in fact; I've been feeling oddly perky all day. 'Super Well.' I've been walking around feeling really positive about small things, like chewy vimto sweets, and DVDs, and shoes. However, while I was at school today my grandmother asked my Mum if she could secretly read my personal statement while I was at school. Thankfully, my Mum's instant response was 'absolutely no way, it's Anne's.' It is very hard to maintain the peace with grandparents in the house, but they are gone back to Scotland now.
Oh balls, it's quarter past midnight and I have not even looked at my Twelfth Night lines. I'm guessing 'I was ill' is not going to cut it with Rolo. I can't even show her my arms and look tired any more, I'll just look 'Super Well.'


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