Thursday, 1 October 2009


Yesterday the Grandparents from Edinburgh showed up. I say from Edinburgh, but they're completely not, they just live there. Also today my Uncle returned (I have no idea where from, he dropped by last week as well, but lives in the Lake District. Who knows where he was in the meantime.) And some distant relatives from Canada, all in the house, all having a very pretentious family meal.
It was the first non-comfort food meal I've had in a while and was really nice, but I ate too much brie. Even the conversation was pretentious. There was a very long, reasonably dull discussion about which was better: Pacific or Atlantic Salmon (Atlantic, in case you were wondering.) I kind of sat there looking tired and occasionally speaking but not very often.
Got a fortune cookie, from the Chinese my parents had the other day, saying 'You will solve a problem by sheer force of will.' I never believe in those things, but I had a funny mental image of myself sitting down in front of the computer and screaming "Personal Statement!" at it until it re-drafts it for me. Finally, I am no longer red on my arms but a sort of light pink. Good times. Knees still bad.


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