Thursday, 26 November 2009

Recent Bits Of My Life

The laptop is fixed, and I am currently on it while watching the sexy new television, which is exciting.
I had a good time at Liz's Party last night, got a little inebriated and remember many amusing moments from the party. I was witness to a lot of bizarre events, which I then incorrectly remembered. My parents find this sort of thing very entertaining, particularly my Dad, who pretended that it was Alcoholics Anonymous on the phone when Jess rang.
Today I went to Watford, so I am now feeling tired and still a little nauseous. And now I'm cold. There is an advert break, so I'm going to go and put earrings in. I would also like to thank Jane for lending me some excellent DVDs to watch tonight. An advert is now on that I hate, the one for vodafone where the guy tries to get chat up lines from his friend and says 'catch a goat you've pulled.' Now it's a scary climate change advert, I'm leaving.


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