Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oh Yes She Did

Well, the film was reasonably O.K. It would have actually gone as far as being almost good if it wasn't for that Edward Sullen showing up and spoiling it all. The film was getting pretty interesting and then he would show up looking ill, like the reanimated corpse of Cedric Diggory, and be like; "Hey Bella, I'm here to ruin your life and the film." I realise that 'reanimated' was the wrong word. He really was not particularly animated. Other than that it was a lot better than the first film, more plot and less "Hey, look at my expressionless, pretty face."
Laptop fixed tomorrow. Hoorah. And my parents today installed the big, new, sexy television, shoving the old one into my brother's room; now the only venue for watching videos, presumably on bean bags.
Also, back to films; there was an advert on in the cinema for a film called 'The Wolfman,' or possibly just 'Wolfman.' Now New Moon has come out, and the tweenage fangirls are being converted to 'Team Jacob', are werewolves the new vampires? Interesting.


Jane. said...

Omg, The Wolfman looks so awesome! Much better than any of this Twatlight shit AND has proper actors!

Anne said...

It's not really hard to be better than Twatlight really?
I spent the whole of the 'The Wolfman' advert going 'Finally! Lupin: The Movie.'
We should go see it in all it's proper acting glory.

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