Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Maximum Bleh

I have done 2 infernal hours of French work, that went on until 6.50 because the French Lady was 20 minutes late.
I have not had dinner because my Dad isn't home yet.
I missed a train, except that turned out ok because French Lady was late anyway, and forgave me for not having done the homework.
My feet are cold, having recently got very wet in the rain, which is why I am now wearing my old school hockey socks in a feeble attempt at warmth.
I am so sleepy.
But it is ok, because my Dad just arrived home while I was typing and now I get to go downstairs and eat something involving mozarella, but I am not sure what.
Also, M+S Christmas Meal Deal lunch thing is lovely and festive. And Ms E gave me one of the advent calendar chocolates in History today despite the fact that I stared blankly at the Lenin video all lesson, to encourage me to participate more. I feel sufficiently encouraged by chocolate.


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