Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I am writing this blog in an attempt to reassure myself that I am still able to string words together in coherent sentences.
Basically, I came up with an idea on Sunday for my Original Writing Club play, then thought 'No, this is a cross between Sleepless in Seattle and the Friends episode where they're up all night' and scrapped it. Then I spent all of History today coming up with various ideas and dismissing them, until I panicked at how lunchtime was fast approaching and thought 'Um, ok...poverty.'
Now I have realised that I don't want to write a play about poverty, nor did I ever really want to in the first place. I could write a fifteen minute play on ANYTHING and I have no ideas. That's one of the problems which we also experienced in Drama; you have to narrow down what you want to write about before you can actually make any decisions.
I am also failing to write my Drama homework right now.


Harry Graham said...

OK how about... a story about someone picking play themes. And in the play they pick the choice of making a play about someone picking play themes. WOAH.

Laura Blake said...

That's deep, Harry. Deep

At the rate mine's going, Sam is going to owe me 20 quid and have three nonsensical plays

Anne said...

I like that idea Harry. Serious metafiction. How about a play on someone unable to pick play themes who writes a blog entry about it, and then someone comments on the blog suggesting that they make a play about being unable to...

my brain hurts.

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