Sunday, 27 December 2009

All Through The House.

Christmas was lovely, in the way it always is. Got some nice books, gloves, a scarf, chocolate, money....this is beginning to sound like a list of old people presents.....notebooks, make-up and a new phone. The goose has been eaten, mostly. On Christmas night I came downstairs to find my parents and grandparents gathered around the carcass literally picking at bones like a pack of hyenas.

The seasonal television has also been great this year, with Gavin and Stacey, Cranford and obviously Doctor Who. I'm looking forward to the Outnumbered Christmas special tonight.

Today we were visited by some more 'Relatives With Different Political Opinions,' (RWDPOs from now on.) The grandparents already have their different opinions, but now two more have shown up and we are as outnumbered as Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner tonight at 10.30 on BBC. My Mum had to hide in the kitchen while they discussed their views on global warming. The RWDPOs tend to bother her a lot around this time of year.

Also, as if to welcome in the new stuff we got for Christmas, the old stuff is breaking. My brother's CD and tape player broke, but luckily he still has the iPod, my Granny broke the stepladder but doesn't know about it yet, as she'll feel bad, and the blade of the cheese knife was defeated by a particularly strong Welsh cheese. My Great Half-Aunt (although she would kill me if I called her that) gave me a ring which got temporarily stuck on my finger and had to be got off with soap.

Crazy times in this household.

Just to say, I am now watching the QI Christmas special on iplayer, and that I love Stephen Fry like another gay uncle and wish he could come round every Christmas so I could personally congratulate him on being awesome.


Laura Blake said...

Are you working for the BBC?

Anne said...

Yes. In fact, all the times you ever see Rob Brydon on TV, that's me in disguise.

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