Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 Already. Blimey.

Happy New Year, and I have just got dressed, for some reason in a blue top and blue tights, I look like one of those blue people from Avatar, a film which I have not seen.

Had a lovely New Year sleepover avec Zanny, Jane, pizza, films and smirnoff. I have had the most chocolatey breakfast known to mankind to kick start 2010. My New Year's resolution is always to 'generally improve in all areas' which I am beginning to suspect might be too vague and overly ambitious.

So this year, rather than doing what I want to do I will do what I want to have done. For example, if I want to have read a certain book by a certain time, or to have done homework, I will do it rather than doing what I want to do, which is waste time by watching BBC iplayer, doodling, or playing the addictive rollercoaster game on my AWESOME new phone.

Yeah, right. That resolution will not happen. I have had very little sleep.


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