Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Cold, Tired and Hungry

Ten minutes until my early dinner because my mother is gallivanting off to a meeting of some kind. That's one of the three on my checklist sorted prior to actually getting down to some serious History courseworking.

As for cold, well, hopefully warm food will help, and maybe being trapped in a frozen cocoon of History sheets will actually encourage me to do work, as opposed to continuing to waste time. If that fails, fingerless gloves.

And finally, tired. Hopefully warm food followed by coffee will put a stop to that, or at least postpone it until such a time when I can legitimately allow myself to sleep, with my History coursework safely memory penned and printed.

I may have got to the stage of delirious exhaustion which is always noticable by using unnecessarily long words and speaking in a slightly slurred way. Which are also, strangely, the symptoms of drunkenness. Clearly this is how I do 'out of it.' I should never be under sedation.
Gloves, dinner and coffee are in order, then Lyndon B. Johnson.


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