Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Can't Believe I Am Finding Time To Do This

Oh Drama, you crazy, crazy subject. Tears and traverse and tummy aches and transitions and ten percent. That's a hell of a lot of alliteration.

In good news from today, I no longer have to do a forward roll off three people while doing a monologue, I had a very good lunch and am about to have a yummy dinner. Also we improved, apparently, in the space of twenty four hours, which bodes well.

I hope everyone who is well feels better and that everyone who is stressed feels less stressed, and I for one plan to spend tomorrow with my face (and other people's costumes) not quite as smeared with mascara. I am writing this blog post in the brief window between getting home and eating my aforementioned yummy dinner, then relaxing, I hope, for the remainder of the evening.


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