Thursday, 7 January 2010

Stage Fright

Well, it's another snow day, and last night I had a horrible nightmare about the Drama exam.

We were performing, and attempting to move between scenes, one of which was a giant flock in the car park outside the Drama studio. The audience were getting restless, and then we did a scene that I had never rehearsed before, which involved all of us sitting down in the middle of a circle of audience while holding coat hangers. I wasn't sure if I was even meant to be in the scene, but seeing as we had nothing I improvised. The audience were not paying ANY attention, and just talking amongst themselves loudly with no notice of what was happening on stage, so we started saying to one another 'The audience are just talking. They're not even watching. What do we do?' Then I burst into tears and yelled at the audience, shouting 'You're not even listening to us,' but no-one except Sheps heard.

Then we had to do another scene which had Katie in it, who doesn't do Drama, and also the guy who played Bootstrap Bill and was one of the fathers in Mamma Mia. He ruined the scene by getting his lines wrong. Then the play ended and we were all agreeing it had been a total disaster, and everyone was going to go and get drunk and drown their sorrows, but not me because I wasn't invited. And for some reason Laura wanted me to watch a very bad animated film and then yelled at me because I didn't want to watch it.

My subconscious may be informing me that Drama-wise, we are currently a little bit screwed.
Sherlock Holmes today, in much happier news.


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