Sunday, 17 January 2010

I Concur.

I deleted the rather dull and pointless blog post of yesterday, for the purpose of fully agreeing with Jane's sentiments with regard to the Drama exam.

As we draw ever closer to the Day of Reckoning, I begin to have the teeniest of sneaky suspicions that we are absolutely and unarguably doomed, and that Tuesday was by no means the first of the inevitable panic-driven meltdown lessons. Tensions are running high, and I suspect that I do not have enough awareness of what I am supposed to be doing to necessarily make valid suggestions to the group. Particularly as Music and Movement combines the two things I am worst at; music....and movement. Throw a few mathematical equations in there and you've got yourselves a party.

Or, quite possibly, we're being melodramatic and actually it's all going to turn out ok, as will the History resit that I have not done enough revision for. I miss Lady Windermere's Fan.

In good news, I went to Morrisons to buy HP6 on DVD, but it was 14.99, so I bought The Notebook for 3.99 instead. Bargain. That's tonight's procrastination sorted.


Jane. said...

I concur with everything you say about Drama.

A fear a breakdown approaching. I mean, for God's sake, I'm writing a list of things to say on Parent's Evening, and that's never a good sign.

Not even Son of Man is cheering me up.

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