Saturday, 19 December 2009

As Promised

As promised, it's a drunken blog post ladies and gentleman.

I think I feel a hangover coming on, like right now. Because it is technically the next morning and has been for twenty minutes, no, twenty-three minutes, and apparently I fell asleep for five minutes during the Happy Birthdays. Feeling a little headachy and sick at the mo which does not bode well for the actual morning, as in, after I have been actually asleep.

I can still use punctuation pretty well considering current inebriation, and spelling, which says good things for university. I said such a lot of crap to Laura's Dad in the car, possibly about my personal life, which Alex sang about. I hope it wasn't recorded and filmed for Christmas day television. I accidentally mixed drinks again sorry. Better not vomit all over the keyboard.

No-one was awake when I got in thank the lord and his many offspring, Goodnight.


Harry Graham said...

Haha amazing.

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