Sunday, 28 March 2010


I had lots of fun at Alex's last night, but now I have incredibly exhausted. I just fell asleep on the sofa for forty-five minutes, and was going to watch 'An Education' but now feel it is too late to start a film when I am this tired and can just half-focus on 4od instead. Attempting to ration the number of Bones episodes I watch to prolong the enjoyment; I would watch another one today except I am almost definitely too tired to follow the undoubtedly complex and intellectual plotline. I am only dimly aware of who actually did the murdering in the last one I watched.

No work has been done this weekend, in other news. My legitimate excuse is that I have finished my coursework, until my History draft gets returned to me, and ever since actually writing the coursework I have been feeling a bit ill.

Nothing much else to say. Except I have Bad Romance in my head as Katie was singing it this morning and this is incredibly annoying as it does not appear to have any words that I know of.

EDIT: 'I have incredibly exhausted'??? Clearly.

ANOTHER EDIT: My Dad just called me from downstairs saying that I actually have to watch An Education with him because it is in some way entertainingly relevant to our lives.


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