Thursday, 11 March 2010

Food etc.

I was mightily pleased with my re-sit results, and was therefore generally upbeat for the entire morning, most of which I spent trying to inform my parents. This involved texting my Dad during English and standing on the street at breaktime in an attempt to get signal to ring my Mum.

This levity may have affected my eating patterns, as well as the fried egg sandwich in 'How to Boil an Egg' elective (Zanny and I created some strange explosions with the electric hob.) And then when I got home my Mum was like: 'Do you want to go to out of school drama or do you want to go out for a meal with me and your Dad?'

Needless to say I chose the latter.

Also, I only had one lesson yesterday due to History Teacher #2's kitchen being flooded, so I spent most of the day at home, which made me realise exactly how much tea and coffee I drink when left to my own devices.

I was stuck on Mother's day ideas until I realised that most days the first thing I do when I get home from school is watch Gilmore Girls (again with coffee) and that my Mum likes to watch it too because she has Lorelai-envy and blatantly fancies Luke. I feel I must incorporate this somehow.

EDIT: I was just reading back on my first posts from September, and found this gem:
"Not all my blog posts will be rambling about coffee"
What a lie. All I ever seem to DO is ramble about coffee.


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