Wednesday, 24 March 2010

No School Day

This day may turn out to be very productive.

I woke up, shuffled around and perused my history sources, which have overtaken my carpet, then went to town and bought Alex's present and card. I also got a top to wear to Alex's, which I was not expecting to buy. Then I had a nice lunch and came home.

Since then I have written a quarter of my history and been to the dentist.

Alex's Birthday: Sorted. (More or less)
Teeth: Sorted.
History: Quarter Sorted.

Big breakfast making time in school tomorrow. Excited and a little apprehensive as I tend to be a tad over cautious around ovens and rely overly on Zanny (sorry Zanny.)

Just noticed a weird insect crawling over my Schulzinger source. Oh, he's now moved on to a different source. I think he might be trying to tell me something.


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