Sunday, 7 March 2010

10 Things I Learnt At The Weekend

1. My cousins are considerably awesome and booked tickets for us to go see some improvised comedy with some of their studenty friends.

2. I can pass as 18 in a very busy Edinburgh pub so long as I am with students, only remain in the pub for about fifteen minutes (drinking quickly), and deliberately don't look at the bar.

3. My perpetually kilt-wearing cousin decided not to wear a kilt for the weekend, but instead embarrassed us by going on stage during the improvised comedy for a game of 'Freeze.'

4. My non-kilt wearing cousin, before we settled down to sleep in the living/ drug taking room of her flat, was thoughtful enough to ask me in a concerned way if I thought I was likely to choke to death on my vomit while sleeping, to which I answered probably not.

5. My parents were entirely convinced by my cousin saying loudly about me: 'She's definitely not hungover!' before I told them on the plane back that of course I had been.

6. My Dad loves the film 'Legally Blonde' and has apparently seen it many times.

7. The cousin who normally wears a kilt told me, while we were eating lamb in the restaurant, that he spends a lot of time in university cutting up dead bodies. When he told me it was dissection and not forensic anthropology I lost interest.

8. My grandparents love my non kilt-wearing girl cousin's boyfriend so much that they have a giant photo of him in the attic, although with my cousin.

9. All family arguments can be settled with a certain type of Hungarian pastry that I am not going to try and spell.

10. The aforementioned family arguments tend to revolve around politics, global warming and whether or not my grandfather needs different glasses for the computer.

The End.


Laura Blake said...

Who DOESN'T love Legally Blonde?

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