Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I know Russian History better than I thought I did, and I'm feeling OK about English and the Twelfth Night part of the Drama exam, however I have stared blankly at the Lysistrata practice questions and flicked through my script and drawn up a complete Lysistrata mental blank.

Today I got to the revision stage where I thought it might be productive to re-read The Pardoner's Tale, as it's quite short and I wouldn't have the time to necessarily re-read the others. Unfortunately it has to be read aloud, and sounds pretty ridiculous. That was a fun and highly unecessary half hour.

I'm going to a wedding on Friday. Not much can be said about that other than it will be interesting. This is the third wedding I'll have been to in my life and they have all been a little bit bizarre and unusual. The lesbian wedding my family was invited to but couldn't attend as it was in Canada and we had work/ school was actually the most normal.

It is amazing the number of TV shows I am suddenly really interested in now that I'm on Study Leave. I didn't go to bed until really late last night because I was watching Child of our Time on iplayer.

Also, it is the FIRST day of Summer and it was so cold in the house today I wore a jumper and a hoodie.


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