Monday, 24 May 2010

476 words...

...of my Twelfth Night notes done.

It is very hot outside, which tends to make me sleepy, so for the past two days I have been dozing off while trying to revise.

And this morning my mother made way too much coffee, because my uncle was visiting and she thought he would drink more than he actually did. So now, as an alternative to feeling sleepy, I have had rather a lot of coffee to drink.

And now I can't do my Twelfth Night notes anymore becuase I keep getting distracted by the urge to walk briskly or dance around listening to music. And I did not even get very much sleep last night due to the bizarre screaming outside my window. It was either mating hedgehogs, cats being strangled or the agonised cries of the monster I created the other night out of dead body parts. I must make a mental note to stop ransacking the local graveyard.

Oh dear, I should really stop typing now.


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