Friday, 7 May 2010

Political Party

Having people over for a small political party was great; eventually at three in the morning we gave up on waiting for an actual result and decided to catch about four hours sleep.

Due to temporarily being possessed by a superhero, I got up at 7.20 and did the washing up. I'm glad that I did, as otherwise I would have to be doing it right about now. Katie very kindly drove me and Alex to school, where I tried (and failed) to sleep in the common room before Drama.

I also have to say, that despite the fact that we are technically going back for a revision session next week, the last English lesson with one of our teachers (do I name teachers in blogs? Probably not) was quite emotional. It also contained the most amazing Gothic-themed cake I have ever seen. Which was also the only Gothic-themed cake I have ever seen.

So shattered I am going to stop now because I don't trust my typing ability.


Jane. said...

Liz told me that was what she speculated and Melissa agreed and I figured that was proof enough.

It's not like it was actually our fault though, right? Anything but! Anything. But.

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