Wednesday, 12 May 2010

School's Nearly Out For Ever

Apart from revision sessions, exams, clearance and results obviously. And I plan to buy myself a tent and live for the remainder of my days on the back playground, roasting marshmallows on a small campfire and becoming known as the strange middle-aged woman who speaks in riddles.

I'll offer cryptic words of wisdom to passing students, like the witches in Macbeth, and maybe one day a student will try and befriend me and it will be made into an inspirational documentary. Perhaps in lessons the teachers will tell legends about me to the students, beginning with: 'They says she was a pupil here once, many years ago, shortly after the dawning of the new millennium...'

Or, you know, I'll go and be a normal person, but a normal person who after fourteen years of education gets confused by how 'ninety seconds' and 'one minute thirty' are the same thing.


Fran said...

envious that your almost finished for study leave. Stags has still got until half term :( x

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