Thursday, 24 June 2010


A lot of people dislike Summer a bit, which I can understand. Walking in blistering heat in the middle of the afternoon and feeling disgusting is not pleasant, and particularly when you have dark hair which gets so ridiculously hot that if I sat on a roof I could be used as a solar panel.

However, all that aside, I love Summer. I also don't know if in English we capitalise seasons. Ah, according to Yahoo! Answers, we DO NOT.

So I love summer, because I love not having to wear layers and layers of clothing and still being cold, and I love the freedom of the summer holidays and I like the way that even when I'm in school (never again) the fact that it's warm outside seems to make lessons more relaxed.

And I love having ice lollies and ice-cream, and drinking Ribena out of a pint glass, and being barefoot in the garden, and the shade under the tree and how Clarence Park is suddenly full of really happy people. Like one time a few summers ago when there was one couple that were just asleep in the middle of a field for about an hour, although it's occuring to me that they may have been dead.

I love deciding which books are summery and which books aren't, which is why two summers ago I ended up reading 'Notes from a Small Island' and 'Small Island,' because they have the word 'Island' in the title, even though neither of them are particularly summery. And I like summer evenings when it's cooled down but you don't feel like sleeping because you've been lazy all day. Most of all I love not being entirely sure what day it is (it's Thursday 24th June 2010, I just checked) and it not really mattering what day it is because it's not like I have homework or anything to hand in next week.

So thank you Mr. Sun. I am glad the hay fever tablets are working.
(The person in the picture is definitely me. Nothing from Google. Just me, on a typical Thursday morning.)


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