Thursday, 19 August 2010


I am happy, I think.

I got ABCC (the B in A-Level French last year, the A in English)

Kent wanted ABC.
UEA wanted BBB.

Even though technically as it averages out on points UEA ought to have accepted ABCC, they didn't because they are silly and really need to sort out all 500 million of their phone lines. If I had got a lower grade in English but a higher grade in History or Drama, they would have accepted me, so I am therefore warming to the idea of Kent very rapidly as they wanted my A in English, which makes a lot of sense for an English and American Literature course.

Also, it's the only course on UCAS which is American and English Literature with creative writing and a year abroad, which is more than I could have asked for really. And Alan Davies went there, and Sarah Waters of lesbian historical fiction fame, David Mitchell (the Cloud Atlas author, not the comedian), Howard Read, Ellie Goulding and some people I haven't heard of. Good old wikipedia, with its information like the gender ration (55 women to every 45 men, apparently.) Of course, I have absolutely no memory of the university at all, as the open day was at my worst point of glandular fever, but oh well.

So I'm off to Canterbury, like the Pardoner in 'The Pardoner's Tale' which I wrote about in the English exam.

And most importantly, more so than anything else in this blogpost, I got a Proudfoot hug. What a legend. She should be famous.


Jane. said...

Anne! I didn't get to speak to you but you did great so well done :)

Anne said...

Thanks :) You too, as I did hear your results and they were amazing.

I told my Mum your results when I was really stressed and she went 'Jane who?' and I screamed 'JANE AUSTEN!'

Laura Blake said...

Hey, I'm coming to live with you at Kent. Just so you know.

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